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Water Circulating Vacuum Pump SHB-B95T

Widely applied to research experiments, small scale tests and small scale production with the process of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, pressure-reducing filltration.


  • Working principle is the same as desk-top vacuum pump.
  • Compared with desk-top vacuum pump, larger air sucking amount can meet negative pressure requirements of large air sucking amount.
  • Five taps can be used alone or in parallel. A five-way adapter can connect five taps to increase air sucking amount, which can meet the experiment requirements of large scale rotary evaporator or reactor
  • Copper ejector and PP suction nozzle are with Teflon (PTFE) spray painting.
  • Housing material is stainless steel. Equipped with casters for moving conveniently.

Product Specifications

Model SHB-B95T SHB-B95
Power 550W 550W
Power Supply 110V~,60Hz or 220-240V~,50/60Hz 110V~,60Hz or 220-240V~,50/60Hz
Flow 100L/min 100L/min
Lift 12M 12M
Safety Check valve, over-current protection Check valve, over-current protection
Housing Material SUS304 Electrostatic Spraying
Ultimate Vacuum 0.098(2Kpa) 0.098(2Kpa)
Single Tap Air Suction Amount 10L/min 10L/min
Number of Tap 5 5
Water Tank Capacity 57L 57L
Water Tank Material PE PE
Dimensions 450W*350D*820H mm 450W*350D*820H mm
Net Weight 36kg 36kg

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