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1L/2L Rotary evaporator R-1001VN

It is suitable for experiment of evaporation, distillation or separation of chemicals. It usually works with vacuum pump and chiller as a whole system to meet the production and experimental requirements


  • Patented technology of double sealing of Teflon(PTFE) and FV rubber can ensure the negative pressure level
  • The immersion angle of the evaporating flask is adjustable
  • Evaporating flask can be lifted manually by the handle
  • Specialized motor and reasonable structure design ensures the evaporating flask running smoothly and steadily
  • PID controller ensures precise temperature control
  • Digital display of rotation speed and bath temperature
  • Individual main machine and water bath design for easy future upgrades

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Product Specifications

Model R-1001
Rotation Speed 20-180rpm
Evaporating Speed 20ml/min
Pressure Rise Rate of Vacuum System ≤0.33kPa/min
Temperature Range Room temp+5℃ ~95℃
Temperature Stability ±1.5℃
Temperature Control Keypad input, Digital display
Speed Control Knob setting, Digital display
Protection Over-current protection, ground fault protection,
over-temperature protection
Lifting Weight balancing
Gliding elevating+manual lifting
Rotary Motor Power 25W
Heating Power 1050W
Condenser Type Optional(Vertical or Diagonal)
Evaporating Flask 500/1000ml(Optional)
Receiving Flask 1000ml
Vacuum Sealing Double sealing rings made of Telflon+Viton
Water Bath Size.Capacity φ254*130mm . Max. 5L
Evaporating Speed(ml/min) 15(water) 20(ethanol)
Lifting Distance 100+150mm
Ambient temperature 5-35℃
Overall Dimensions(mm) About 640W*400D*670H(Depend on the condenser type)
Net Weight 13kg
Power Supply 110V`,60Hz or 220-240V~ 50/60Hz

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