• diaphragm vacuum pump
  • diaphragm vacuum pump

MP diaphragm vacuum pump MP-201Z

MP series diaphragm vacuum pump provides negative pressure condition for processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, reduced pressure filtration etc. It can be used to extract a variety of highly toxic, flammable and explosive, strong acid and alkali sample


  • A substitute for water circulating vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump
  • No need of any working medium. No friction between working parts
  • Vacuum level can be adjusted according to experiment requirements
  • All parts that contacting gases are made of PTFE+FV rubber with chemical resistance
  • Valve plate adopts imported materials
  • Motor is supplied by famous manufacturer.
  • With reasonable design, transmission runs smoothly
  • With small volume and light weight, easy to move. Saving space

Product Specifications

Model MP-201Z
Motor Power 180W
Power supply 220-240V~,50Hz
Rotation Speed 1300rpm
Inlet Diameter Φ10*Φ6
Ultimate Vacuum/Extreme pressure 0.0992MPa/8mbar
Pumping Speed 25L/min
Dimensions 310W*225D*168H mm
Net Weight 10kg

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