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Cooling Heating Circulator Temperature Range(-40℃-200℃)

Cooling Heating Circulator is the laboratory equipment with heating and refrigeration functions, this instrument uses a number of proprietary technology, high precision of temperature control, mainly used for biological, chemical and other fields (such as rotary evaporator, reactor, fermentation tank, calorimeter and other equipment); this instrument is highly automated and can be set according to the demand automatic heating or cooling apparatus; the accurate temperature control, heating and refrigeration functions in general, can meet the various needs of biochemical experiment


  • Wide working temperature ranges using one bath fluid: -40℃~200℃
  • It is available with air cooling and water cooling
  • Refrigeration system, heating system and pre-cooling system can work independently or work together continuously
  • Rapid heat-up or cool-down
  • Designed with bath fluid monitoring window, avoid shortage of liquid
  • Multi safety protections: Over temperature cut-off, electrical leakage prodtection, over-current protection etc.
  • Cool down directly from high temperature

temperature control

Product Specifications

Model ZT-20-200-40H ZT-50-200-40H ZT-100-200-40H
Working Temperature Range  -40-200℃  -40-200℃  -40-200℃
Temperature Stability ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Power Supply 3~,380V,50Hz 3~,380V,50Hz 3~,380V,50Hz
Overall Power 5.7KW 11.2KW 24.1KW
Cooling Capacity at 200℃ 1.7KW 3.0KW 3.0KW
Cooling Capacity at 10℃ 4.3KW 8.2KW 18.0KW
Cooling Capacity at -10℃ 3.1KW 6.2KW 12.0KW
Cooling Capacity at -20℃ 2.3KW 4.5KW 7.3KW
Cooling Capacity at -30℃ 1.2KW 2.5KW 4.0KW
Cooling Capacity at -35℃ 0.3KW 1.0KW 1.7KW
Cooling Capacity at -60℃ / / /
Cooling Capacity at -78℃ / / /
Regrigerant R404A R404A R404A
Bath Fluid Filling Volume 10L 13L 20L
Heating Power 3KW 6KW 12KW
Flow Rate 30L/min 30L/min 40L/min
Pressure 1Bar 1Bar 1.2Bar
Dimensions 730W*840D*1470H mm 750W*1200D*1585H mm 910W*1465D*1820H mm
Net weight 223kg 347kg 461kg

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