Temperature Control Unit

Used to heat, cool, and manage the temperature of fluid for a specified task, temperature control units act as vital pieces in several industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial fields.

A Reputable Manufacturer of Temperature Control Units

With over 30 years of research, development and manufacturing experience in the industry, GWSI is your reliable one-stop source for innovative and customized temperature control units. Catering to various industries, we manufacture high-powered and durable temperature control units that fit diverse work demands.

Utilizing the best local and imported materials, we produce state-of-the-art temperature control units that meet and exceed client needs. Our multiple patents, devotion to research and development, as well as our international market, is your guarantee that you get the best temperature control units from GWSI.

  • cold trap
    Cold Traps

    Intended to improve the efficiency and lifespan of vacuum systems, cold traps prevent water vapors and harmful gases from entering a vacuum pump by condensing and turning the vapors into liquid or solid forms.

  • TCU
    Dynamic Temperature Control System

    Mainly used in laboratories for biology, pharmacy, food, and other organic research, dynamic temperature control systems provide high or low temperature liquid necessary to achieve reaction results for tests.

  • heating circulator
    Heating Circulators

    GWSI heating circulators heat liquids effectively at working temperatures between +20 °C to +300 °C. Meeting demanding tasks and strict requirements for research, material testing, and production applications, our heating circulators perform optimally.

  • recirculating chiller
    Recirculating Chillers

    Ideal for food processing, medicine, healthcare, and chemical industries, recirculating chillers are used to supply and maintain a consistent low temperature among the equipment for the desired test and research results.

Temperature Control Unit

While various industries may have specific needs when looking for a temperature control unit, there are some requirements that are standard for trusted operation. These include quality components, optimal communication features, safety and security functionality, temperature control accuracy, and an enclosed liquid circulation system. GWSI temperature control units cover all these bases while offering value-added features for longer service life and optimal results.

Explosion-proof Components and Touch Screen

As temperature control units are constantly exposed to changing temperatures, components must match these constant changes. Made using high-quality explosion-proof components from Schneider Electric, our temperature control units can handle temperatures of up to 200°C without adverse effects on the system. Additionally, the explosion-proof touch screen panel provides a smarter and more stable user interface compared to push-button variants that are prone to corrosion. Contact us for detailed information.

Convenient Data Communication and Remote Control

Not limiting ourselves to providing only quality temperature control units, we also aim to provide clients with easy-to-use and adaptable equipment. Each temperature control unit from GWSI is built with a programmable RS485 communication interface that detects reaction temperature curves with pinpoint accuracy. Set reaction temperatures, access from a distance via remote control functionality, and transfer data with ease using the attached USB interface

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