Heating Circulators

GWSI heating circulators heat liquids effectively at working temperatures between +20 °C to +300 °C. Meeting demanding tasks and strict requirements for research, material testing, and production applications, our heating circulators perform optimally.

  • heating circulator
    Heating circulator

    This is a water-cooled type heating circulator. The bath fluid is heated up by electricity and transferred to reactors by circulating pump, which can be applied to pharmaceutical plants, chemical industry and petrochemical industry

Advantages and Benefits

Intelligent PID control with high precision makes our circulators easy to use. Quality materials and professional manufacturing​ extend the service life of our circulators and reduce maintenance costs.

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  • Safety Protection

    Over-temperature alarm and overcurrent protection ensure minimal accidents.

  • Various Accessories

    We offer accessories such as water protective media, heat exchangers and more.

  • Anti-corrosive Bath Tank

    Made of stainless steel, our bath tank maintains its clean and durable surface.

  • Long Serving Life

    Heating bath fluid circulates in a closed system to reduce maintenance costs.

Applications of Dynamic Temperature Control System

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