Cold Traps

Intended to improve the efficiency and lifespan of vacuum systems, cold traps prevent water vapors and harmful gases from entering a vacuum pump by condensing and turning the vapors into liquid or solid forms.

  • Cold trap
    Cold trap CT-40

    Cold trap is used to capture water vapor and harmful gases emission from vacuum drying oven and pressure reduced concentration device, improving efficiency of vacuum system, extending life-span of vacuum pump

Advantages and Benefits

GWSI’s cold trap system utilizes a powerful cooling system that efficiently provides multiple functionalities, including drying capacitors and a pre-freezing or low-temperature bath.

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  • Durable Stainless Steel

    Durable stainless steel surface allow for water or ethanol cooling.

  • Precise Temperature Control

    Accurate digital display provides better control of bath temperature.

  • User-freindly Design

    Compact and space-saving design with an optimal interface for easy interaction.

  • Efficient Cooling Results

    Powerful indirect cooling process quickly and efficiently cools down the vacuum system.

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