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For 32 years, GWSI has provided temperature control solutions for biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and other industries worldwide. We excel in ensuring safety in our production process, from our R&D capabilities to our strict quality inspections.

We Are Up To The Challenge

GWSI commits to meeting your needs by putting quality first. As such, we provide an accident-free and encouraging work environment for our employees to optimize our overall productivity. Adopting strategies for product personalization, brand internationalization, customer localization, and humanized service has sustained our business and increased sales among global clients in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.

Commitment. Sincerity. Trust. Quality.

Winning bids for over 100 university laboratory projects across four continents, we have exported to Chile, Peru, American universities and Turkish state-owned research institutions. Supplying rotary evaporators, glass reactors, cooling and heating circulators, GWSI has committed to supporting scientific and technological advancement.

A Proactive Team

Since 1994, our team of engineers and researchers have designed high-end temperature control products based on current market trends for international industries and laboratory facilities. Importing high-end machinery has only increased the efficiency of our experienced experts in providing for the market.

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International Sales Network

Exclusive Agent located in USA, Canada, and South Korea.

Our products have exported to Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Israel, Romania, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanks, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries


Company Milestones

Founded in 1988, our company has since served labs and industries with a solid network of research facilities and businesses.

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